I'm an American digital marketer, currently living in Portugal. Scroll down to learn more about me.

Things that interest me

  • Page speed and site performance - With the introduction of Core Web Vitals and their inclusion in ranking factors (per Google), most SEOs believe that site speed and user experience are crucial to organic search success in 2021 and beyond. Despite this, many new sites today are still being published with bloated code, unnecessary plugins and burdensome scripts. At Erickson Built, we look to eliminate the bloat and build high-converting sites that are quick to load.
  • Wordpress - After building 350+ Wordpress sites, I'd say I've become quite expert at navigating the Wordpress ecosystem. My goal with Wordpress sites is to reduce bloat and preserve page speed. Of particular interest lately are the theme/builder combinations that results in the best website performance.
  • Webflow - I have taken to Webflow's platform for more dynamic sites that have better site speed and are easier to maintain. They can take longer to build + design than Wordpress sites, but give some advantages in the long run.
  • Google My Business - I believe that Google My Business is not taken seriously enough by local businesses and agencies alike. I often see GMB profiles ignored, yet for many small businesses, this is the best course of new leads and activity.
  • Schema markup - Schema is a markup language that we can use to help Google and other search engines understand what your site or page is all about. Using schema is a must in 2020 and we use it in all of the websites we work with.
  • Technical SEO - Site speed and JSON schema are part of the "technical SEO"category, but there is much more. I've always been interested in site and URL organization, content quality and technical errors that hold many sites back from their potential. If you want help with your site's SEO or want my advice, you can sign up for an SEO Audit.
  • Low Code and No Code Tools - As a non-developer, I've been interested and excited in the development of low (and no) code tools available today.

Tools, software and books I recommend

Projects I'm currently working on

A few places you can find me

Education and work history

  • MBA, University of Arizona
  • BIS, Arizona State University
  • Miracle-Ear, Marketing Director
  • Siemens, Business Development
  • AuDSEO, CoFounder (sold in 2017)
  • Erickson Built, CoFounder
  • Hearing Tracker, CMO